• Your Research Lab for reliable data

    Reliance Research is your expert lab for research and surveys. We conduct professional qualitative and quantitative market analysis to reach reliable conclusions.

Data for public use


At Reliance Research, we don’t just source our own data, like our map of 4G LTE coverage in European cities, but we also deliver our own comprehensive studies, like our Smart Cities Index. This Index reveals the benefits of living in city that is sustainable, clean and knowledge based. It indicates the advantages of digitisation: 4G, plentiful WiFi hotspots, and an integrated transport network complete with smart parking, traffic sensors and car sharing apps.


Survey and polling

Reliance Research is your expert lab for surveys, charts and polls. We pull together data from a wide variety of sources to generate comprehensive, adaptable research tools.


Market research

We pull together data on companies and brands, including your clients and competitors.



We conduct studies on a range of topics on a regional, national and international scale, and in multiple languages. Food, tourism, medicine, technology, and so on. The sky really is the limit.